Hermit Cove Boats

Skin on frame boats are delightful boats that steal the show. Whenever you arrive on shore in one you will be admired, and probably asked a few questions. "What is it made of?" "How light is it?" or maybe just "Wow, cool boat."

Hermit Cove skin on frame boats are uniquely designed to make them incredibly easy to build. They don't require any special construction guides like jigs or molds. These are not craft boats mean to be poured over and lovingly varnished all season long. These are rough and ready boats that want to get out on the water.

These designs are presented here in hopes that you will find them useful, but with no warranty or endorsement. The designs and my advice are fee, and worth every penny. Though I am no longer in business, I accept donations and would love to answer your questions if you need help building these boats: [email protected].

The Owl

8' 1" long, 4' 1" beam

The Owl is a high displacement boat that can easily accomodate several adults. Its thwart runs fore and aft, so you can balance almost any load. Depending on construction options, the boat weighs 30-40 pounds, so light you have to be careful not to let it blow away. It is easy to lift onto your car's roof, and to get in and out of the water. You will find that you go out for a quick row more often. And it is so easily built and affordable that you need not treat it lightly. This is a utility boat, designed to get things done on the water. We use it to fish inland lakes that have no boats ramps, as our sailboat's main dinghy, and to pull crab traps. It is right at home towed behind a boat, kept up on deck, or waiting for its next adventure in your backyard.

The Little Owl

6' 7" long, 4' beam

For those with smaller boats, the Little Owl shares many of the same design features with it's larger brother, but is wider for its length, to help it carry weight. Two careful adults can use this boat in most weather, and an adult of nearly any size should be able to get this boat to and from the water without any trouble. I've carried heavier sails.

The Custom Owl

6' 7" – 8' long, 3' 6" – 4' 2" beam

The Little Owl too little? The Big Owl too big? Not to worry. If you need a boat that fits in the range of 6' 7" – 8' long and has a beam of 3' 6" – 4' 2", we've got the boat for you! The custom plan generator takes your measurements and gives you cutting plans in AutoCAD DXF and PDF formats. As with the other Owls, the easiest way to build a boat is to have the parts CNC cut. Custom fabrication shops like Superfab in Portland, OR will be able to use our cutting plans to deliver plywood to you.

The Pacific Loon

13' 4" long, 4' 8" beam

The Pacific Loon is designed to be a general purpose row boat, for fishing, crabbing, and seeing the sights. Plenty of rowboats manage those tasks, but the Pacific Loon really shines on multi-day trips. The floor of the boat is several inches off of the skin, and wide enough and long enough to be a comfortable bed. In combination with a cockpit cover (tent plans included), you can choose between making camp on land, or just setting the anchor and calling it a night. All this in a boat that you can carry from the roof of your car down to the waters edge.